High CPU usage despite all components disabled


CIS (Virus DB 32305)
modules enabled: AV, VirusScope, Firewall
on fresh Win 10 x64 (18363.720) laptop, 16GB RAM, i7 1065G7, SSD

I’m a long-time fan of CIS and in general a satisfied freeloader (I’m using your free product, after all).

My main concern is high CPU usage on my new laptop during certain activities even if all CIS modules are disabled; a lesser concern is a generally high idle usage on the same laptop.

First, in particular, I use Docker (Download Docker Desktop | Docker) to build/compile some mingw stuff in a container. FYI, a docker container is effectively on the same LAN so I enabled incoming IP connections for the network zone it’s in (172.x.x.x/; files in images/containers/volumes are kept as individual files (i.e. not packed) under C:\ProgramData\Docker, so I assume AV checks affect each individual files access . While building, I see Comodo activity go up to very high CPU usage, jumping to around 50%+. Now this isn’t solely a CIS problem, because if CIS isn’t installed or is turned off, Windows Defender also goes crazy during this build step, but it can be disabled. My problem is, however, than I’m not able to reduce CIS’ CPU usage in any way. I tried adding the accessed folders to the Scan Exclusions; I turned off AV and VirusScope. Then I turned off ALL CIS modules, and yet CIS is still using a lot of CPU, right now I’m looking at values up to 30%. And this increases build times enormously, e.g. the biggest troublemaker, gettext-tools takes several hours longer to compile (Win Defender has the same efffect, but again, it behaves nicely if disabled). So I’m wondering what is CIS doing with all modules turned off?

Second, in general, even if I’m not doing anything on the laptop, CIS, with modules enabled (AV, VirusScope, Firewall), is using ~2% CPU. This isn’t the case on all my computers, because on my aging i5-6500 desktop, typical idle usage is around 0.x%, which is basically nothing. Why is CIS using much more CPU on a stronger laptop? FYI, all scheduled scans are off, so I think background scans cannot be the cause.

If both points together are too much for one conversation, please focus on the first one. I find it peculiar that no matter what, I cannot disable CIS from doing whatever it’s doing in the background. At least Windows Defender can be disabled for the duration of the build.


I’ve also been experiencing weird crashes of explorer.exe, CIS also disappeared once from the taskbar and became unreachable, and the containers crashed regularly or stuck on some compilation step. I suspect it may have to do with CIS, perhaps a conflict with Docker? I’m not sure if it’s related or not to point 1 above. In any case, I’ve uninstalled CIS with the uninstaller tool (as normal uninstall didn’t succeed) to see if it makes a difference. So far no problems with Docker, but perhaps it’s too early to draw conclusions.

Version 6914 is known to be unstable. It is strongly advised to install previous stable build 6882, see the thread below:


Hello Kukac,

Thank you for reporting.These are the known issue in v12.1.0.6914 and some of the issues are fixed in the latest Beta/RC versions and it will be reflected in the upcoming stable release.
#Docker - For this product Let me check from my side,Once finished will notify you.
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Thanks for the replies.

It’s funny I actually installed 6914 on my laptop without realising it’s the same version I had serious troubles with earlier (https://forums.comodo.com/resolvedoutdated-issues-cis/uninstallation-of-other-sw-freezes-system-hangs-cis-tray-crashes-t125426.0.html). My desktop has been running version 7036 without any issues ever since. I see that the beta has now moved on to 7050; would you recommend I try the beta or go back to version 6882 on my laptop?

Regarding Docker, as I wrote, I’m not sure the issues with unstability and crashes were connected to Docker. The high CPU usage (point 1) yes, the crashes (+ point in update) maybe not, as the build process didn’t behave well even after uninstalling CIS.

Update: Beta is now RC, I gather.

If is causing problem for so many individuals, why is Comodo continuing to allow people to download this version? The time for Comodo to act by taking it down to protect users systems from these issues has long since passed.

Hello Kukac,

Thank you for your response.
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