high cpu usage after disinfection

I noticed that when a malware process is killed by CIS, the cmd process (due to the malware) is still there in memory and generate a high cpu usage which slows down the computer.

Did anyone notice that too ? Is it a bug ? ???

Does disinfect work? I never chose this options: either clean or quarantine

I have earlier mentioned this in few posts of mine which you replied. Disinfect also deletes the file as clean does.


maybe i’ve not used the correct word. I mean when you “clean” an infection.

Thanks naren and sorry.

I probably missed your reply

yep I’ve noticed that too , but you probably see such a cmd.exe process when the process is trying to delete itself which is far impossible with CIS due to the sandbox lovely restrictions :-TU

I would call it a bug if that cmd.exe is not there in the sandboxed process list or any other .bat file which is the cause why cmd.exe is being run in the first place .Otherwise, that would not be so normal to me. So , could you please double check that cmd.exe or .bat file is being run and it’s visible in the sandboxed process list , thanks .

regards , Abdullah

I have been watching CIS, trying to figure out what causes disk io and CPU time to spike. One thing I noticed is there seems to be a lot of disk io coming out of standby mode.

Edit: It depends if there is a signature update available. Lots of cpu and disk io as it updates!