High CPU during P2P with User Profile Hive Cleanup Service installed [Resolved]

Hi, I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro During P2P with utorrent 1.61 (build 490), I find cpf.exe takes 0-1%, or maybe 2% cpu usage.

But with Microsoft’s User Profile Hive Cleanup Service installed, I’ll get problems with Comodo during P2P - cpf.exe will then take around 10-30%, but sometimes 70-100% causing sluggish PC. Reinstalling Comodo did not help.

I have since uninstalled Comodo & User Profile Hive Cleanup Service, then reinstalled Comodo. Now everything’s fine again.

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Other Info: WinXP SP2, Avira Antivir Free, Spyware Terminator

Edit: Resolved on 02 April 2007

yeow, thanks sharing this solution. Meow lol.

I’ve seen reported problems with UPH Cleanup, but not in the cpu drainage sense. If it’s cpf.exe then it could be the logging issue:

Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and high CPU

I had the logging on at default - before, during & now. Sorry I didn’t try turning it off when I was having the problem to confirm. From what I remember, cpu usage jumped up almost as soon as I hit start on utorrent (to start downloading).

Peculiar to think that the User Profile Hive Cleanup would have any effect on cpf.exe during P2P, but it did happen in my case. Got it off and problem went away, so its weird.


So based on your observations if the service is suddenly and manually stopped while p2p’ing, cpf.exe doesn’t eat the cpu?

PS: I’ll move this topic back to Help.

When I had the problem I did not realize I could manually stop UPH Cleanup service. Oh, by “got it off” I actually meant “uninstalled”.

Know that this conflict is probably very uncommon - I’m sure many have Comodo & UPH Cleanup installed and don’t have this issue during P2P. So just take my post as a KIV for cases in which all other methods to rectify Comodo’s high cpu use fail.


Ok. I just thought that you still needed UPHC. If you ever do decide to install that service again and the problem persists, then the only thing I can think of besides a clean re-installation of CFP (with other software disabled/off) is to file a ticket with official support: http://support.comodo.com and link them to this thread for reference.

Thanks for all the advice Soya, much appreciated. Btw I recall a “Soyabeaner” some time back, or am I mistaken?


Soyabeaner is my previous incarnation. Bean growing isn’t popular in the winter :-[ ;D. I really just wanted to shorten the nick for others.

UPH Cleanup now working with Comodo FW during P2P. I think the problem must somehow be related to my other problem in this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7631.0.html.


Must’ve been a corrupt installation/registry entries. So a clean re-installation worked.