High CPU/disk

I often see situation like this:
Computer is on but idle, I see constant red light of disks working.
I come to computer and there is CIS process using 33% of whole disk i/o and it is 100% on one drive (I check in task manager).
I don’t have any scheduled scanning set on my computer.
It can change to that in Attachment picture, all 4 cores at 3.9GHz
What is CIS doing ?!

Windows 10, i5-4590K, 16GB ram, CIS 6744

That is not helpful, you need to use CIS task manger to see what is running in the background, if you use windows task manager you need to use the process tab to see the process name. It either is the default schedule scan or the periodic av update.

I will check that next time. I have no scheduled tasks in CIS planner, so there should be nothing there anyway.

I have the same issue.
Windows 10 Comodo Internet security

I think this started recently after a Comodo update but not sure about that.

I noticed a high CPU usage (50%) caused by cavwp.exe.
I googled this and it would have to do with Comodo antivirus.

It started today monday at 10:46 and after 40 minutes only 10% was done - see image.
In fact I had the same issue last week. That is when I started this thread https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/where-can-i-find-logs-t123681.0.html;msg884889#msg884889 because I searched for the logs to see what happened.

So it seems that this happens every monday between 10 and 11 AM.

In the thread I refer to I explained:

Let me explain how this started: On monday around 11:00 my laptop fan suddenly started making noise. This means something heavy is running. I opened tasks>processes and found a proces that took 50% of CPU I googled this and found it was a comodo scan proces. I looked at my scans. They were set to run sunday at 23:00. At that time my pc is usually stopped. So probably the scan was started because it hadn't run before. I wanted to look into the logs.
I looked at settings again and although I thought I changed the scan hour it was still the same. I changed it now.

I will see what happens next week.

Well, CIS done it again.
My bad - full scan was set to run and it was running.

CPU was 100% at the moment - AV scanned Android SDK folders.

Despite disabling Unpacking of archives in settings I think it scanned files in JAR classes.

Ah, yes, I’ve found another setting of ‘Unpacking Archives’ in Scheduled scan options.