High CPU and Memory Use after updating CIS to version 3.10.102363.531

I’m having an interesting week with Comodo.

After various queries after updating the Firewall/Defence+ combination on my laptop, I blew the dust off my old machine - which I still use, occasionally, to try things out. I installed the full CIS suite on it some time ago - when I checked this afternoon, it was version 3.9.95478.509 (I think - I’m sure about the 3.9 and the .509 parts).

I updated it to version 3.10.102363.531. The update seemed to go smoothly enough but ever since its completion, constant hard drive access has been taking place, with high CPU use and high memory consumption - last time I checked, about 98% and 220 000 kb respectively.

This drops off, then picks up again.

I’ll leave it for a while to see whether it drops off. Has anybody else noted this - and is it just a temporary phenomenon associated with the update?

OS is Windows XP Home SP3; 1.0 GHz CPU and 512 Mb RAM.

I’ll post back if this behaviour disappears.

This doesn’t sound right to me. I would say do a clean install of CIS after having exported your configuration of course.

Let us know it that did the trick for you.

Hi again, Eric.

As I didn’t need to use that particular computer in any hurry, I left it running - the intermittent high resource use continued for the two and a half-odd hours during which I occasionally checked.

Several hours later, it had all settled down - no more resource-hogging.

I restarted it this morning, and everything seems fine. Goodness knows what it was doing for those first few hours after the update.

Unless the problem returns, I guess we can treat this as solved - just “one of those things.”

Thanks for the suggestion, which I’ll try should this recur.

I over read it was a fresh install of CIS. After installing there is an update for the AV database waiting of approx 40 MB. When the download speed is low the whole proces of updating may take quite a while.

I will leave the topic open in case the problem surfaces again.

Ah - that’s probably all it was.

Might be useful to one or two other users.