Hide SysTray Icon

Windows 2000 Pro
Comodo Firewall Pro v.
Database Version 3.0

How can the Icon for Comodo Firewall Pro be hidden? And, is there a way to disable the animations?

If not, is there a recommendation of a program that will hide some, but not all, icons in the systray?

Welcome to the forum, MC58.

There is no built-in function. I thought about this before, too. Please post this in the wishlist.

A program to hide specific system tray icons? (I found one (a script?) years ago that was programmed by a user to get rid of the Windows Hardware Removal green icon, but I forgot where.)

IIRC, AutoHotkey can hide system tray icons. You’ll have to write your script, though.

Hmm… let’s see if I can hack one and post it. If anyone is faster, then go ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions…