Hide Email Address from Public [Resolved]

When I joined Comodo recently I ticked the “Hide email address from public” box when completing my Account Settings. I find, however that despite having done this, the email icon appears in my posts giving access to my email addy. I have noticed that this is also happening in posts by other ‘Newbies’.

Is this a Site Bug that has developed or have I missed another relevant option somewhere along the line?. Would appreciate advice.

Hi, Alwill. If the hide email option is enabled, only yourself, admins, and mods can see your email address. This can be confirmed if you log out and then click on your profile name. When it’s in italics, it means it’s hidden from the public.

Many thanks Soya for your prompt response. Did as you suggested and after logging out, returned to the thread, clicked on my User Name and the Profile showed Email as hidden — then logged in and when I clicked on the email icon in my post, the Profile showed my email addy in red italics.

One further bit of info if you would be so kind, why is it that the email icon appears in my post in this thread whilst yours does’nt?

Probably the same reason as the other. My email is also hidden. It’s not too often that we get to see forum members who are willing to share their email. So the envelope icon should only appear on your own posts or members who publicly reveal them.

Thank you again Soya.