Hide Comodo Firewall Icon on System Tray

It’s possible? Because my brother close firewall… (:AGY)

No it’s not, but I put it up on the whish list a couple of months ago, so let’s see if the next version - 3.0 - fulfills the whish :wink:

However, you can tweak the Windows registry so you completely disable all tray icons…

Thanks for the quick reply, there’s no a 3rd party solution.

I believe that V3 will have password protection to prevent unauthorised shutdown.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:
Yep, we’ll see what V 3 offers - hopefully the beta version will be released today!

how abt using a 3rd party task manager app which can block process like wintask.
u can put comodo tray icon process to block list.
hwv, then u haf to let da app autostart, which in da case of wintask can slow down ur pc.

Right click on Windows’ task bar, select properties, check hide inactive icons, customize, select CFP, set to hide always. The icon could still be accessed but it would be hidden by default.

i think there is something roll-over between hide and disable…
bruno ask for ‘hide’ but most of us discuss how to ‘disable’ xcept japo.
japo u bring me back to da topic, so bruno got da answer now?