Hide all alert pop-ups


I have a small question: is there any plans to put an “Hide all alert pop-ups” option on CIS v4 without having to set a password???

I know it’s already possible on CIS v3.9 but we have to set a password. What i would like to see was the option to hide all alert pop-ups without the user have to set any password.

And why would i want this!!! Well not every user knows what choices to make (kids, for example), so this option would help! I’ve seen a few people rejecting CIS over Avast (even believing CIS is superior) just because avast does not display any alerts…

Your idea is possible but it requires a new firewall and defense+ policy: allow most and block most, like the feature in Outpost Firewall.

since CIS v3.9 already allows this using a password i thought it would be easy to do… i thought it would be just a matter of removing the password requirement…