Hidden on Network

Not sure if this has been covered here or not. I have not been able to find any threads through searching.

I have three Windows 7 machines running on the same network wirelessly to access the internet. In Windows Explorer under Network in the folders pane all machines show up, on each separate computer.

I would like to block, or hide, my personal personal PC from being discovered via network discovery on the other two machines. I thought I could do this by using the stealth ports wizard and blocking all incoming connections. I also did not check the box for “I would like to be fully accessable to other PC’s in this network” when Comodo initially made the connection. The network type is set as pubic in the network and sharing center.

This seemed to work when I was running Comodo Firewall 4. I do know that it is not possible to turn of sharing or network discovery in the Network and Sharing Center without running Windows Firewall.

Ideally I would like to be able to run completely hidden if I am running on a public network.

Is there a way to easily to this? Have I missed something simple?

Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.