Hi! Problem with usb modem.

Hi there!

I’m not sure where to post this so feel free to move this topic to the correct section!

But yeah, I’ve got this big problem with my usb modem and comodo firewall. My usb modem stick is Huawei E367 with latest Huawei network card drivers etc. I can connect to internet and all works well… Until I unplug my usb stick from usb port. I normally get this sound notification from windows when I unplug devices from pc but in this case I don’t get that sound. Somehow comodo firewall 6 freezes my pc 'cos I’m not able to use my usb ports after I unplug my usb modem stick and I’m not even able to shutdown pc. It just hangs to “shutting down” window. If I don’t unplug it from usb port I’m able to normally shutdown pc… And it doesn’t matter which usb port I’m using with this usb stick.

What could be wrong here? How can comodo block my usb ports and somehow freeze whole pc? I can normally plug and unplug this usb modem stick but after I connect to internet with it and then try unplug it the problem starts… I don’t really know what to do here. :frowning:

You could try a ratting scan, maybe some drivers aren’t in TVL.


Already tried that but no help. Then I manually added some Huawei drivers from system32/drivers folder to trusted files but no… Blaahhh… And I also noticed that my windows 8 live tiles are not updating enough more.

Maybe easiest way to fix this problem is switch back to outpost firewall. Just wanted to try some new things here. But this firewall really need some fixing to make.

But anyway, thanks for your help!