hi i didnt know wher i post it so i need somthing on comodo on rauter

hi .

i start whit thet
i love very much comodo it strong. and is do the job very well
i have think of somthig. :THNK

the firewall on 99% of the home-rauter is week.
so why dont pogram (comodo) support rauter
and all PC network at home?
think what thet do to comodo and is security
i be very glad to have program like it…

thank you

Hello, you mean to make routers with comodo’s firewall inbuilt into them?


Comodo’s Firewall isn’t the sort of app you could integrate into a router. [abbr=Comodo Firewall]CF[/abbr] basically asks you about network connection attempts, a router (from my limited understanding in this subject) just helps to keep hacker from breaking into your PC.

A router doesn’t give alerts, CF does. One is software, one is hardware.

Now some routers have anti-virus software integrated, and that seems like a good idea, but you’d have to ask the router maker to include [abbr=anti virus]AV[/abbr] software in a router.

ja. i know thet but

i have router and is firewall is very poor…
if comodo was program to support a router its was give all the network at home one level up
think of thet:
D-link. T.P link. edimax. rotal (and some say sysco) and so on…
all thet router is good but the security is very very low
the firewall still give the hackers key to hack youre PC
so why not to try to make comodo to support all the network to max security?
the other day someone try to attack my PC. and the port in my router was closs
only comodo give my alert…
thet mean my other PC and my network is unsecure

P.S: if we can tallk on voice i be more glad.

i have a skype. my user name is roey23.

Sorry, my mic was “fizzled” long ago…and I didn’t get another one because I usually don’t need mics. 88)

So are you saying that you want Comodo to make a type of router, or make software that can be installed on a router? Or that CIS can interact with the router somehow?

Do I understand you correctly you would like to have Comodo Firewall in the router so you will have one firewall for all computers?

Routers usually do a good (enough) job protecting you from the nasties of the web. They will however, by default, let all traffic go out and have limited filtering capabilities outgoing traffic.

Comodo is not in the business of writing software for routers. So you will have to install CIS on all computers in your home network. Nothing that can be done about it.

Routers for the private (home) market doesn’t include firewalls. Linksys and D-link (to name a few) has SPI. Which is a basic Stateful Packet Inspection feature. It’s not feasible to incorporate a full blown firewall into routers as it makes them too expensive. Multipurpose routers are usually high-end firewalls with routing functionality and is meant for the business/enterprise market.
Home-market routers are meant for connectivity, allowing private consumers access to the Internet. To protect yourself, install a personal firewall on all connected computers instead :slight_smile:

yes. Comodo make software that can be installed on a router…

ja. I want (wish :slight_smile: ) to have Comodo Firewall in my router

and no. we can do something about it :slight_smile:
like post…

i have rotal (ja. i know. its not very good router :slight_smile: ) and all of them (home-router’s) do not do the job…
i cllos port 27960 (its for E.T) only to check it out. and i still can play…
so about the ports: no man. its bad firewall… if i can still exit from thet port when its cllos

when i cllos port 27960 in CIM. and CIM block it. the app is running (the app do not need the port. only to connect i need open ports). but i can not connect to the server

AFAIK there is no way to install programs on most routers…at least not mine and my friends.

The programs have to be installed by the router maker and the program devs have to make a special router version.

But most routers already have a firewall, and it would be much too hard to set up a software firewall on a router that would give alerts (if it didn’t give alerts, it wouldn’t be much better than a regular router’s hardware firewall).

Yes, some routers have anti-virus/malware programs integrated into the router, but those don’t always have to give alerts like D+ and the firewall.

Iam afraid comodo wont add any firewall to routers, at least not any time soon.
The best you could do to increase your router security or your first layer of defense is to check for updates for your very own router on the manufacturers homepage.
If you find any updates login to the router and make sure you install the patch(es).

Then you make sure that you set the firewall properly, usually the router firewalls (at least on new routers) includes okay blocking/protection. The reason for hardware firewall offering low protection is mostly because they are poorly or almost not at all configured by the user. If you spend some time configuring what you have(the router) and install Comodo firewall on all the other computers, then you will be safer than most users.

yes. i do thet already :frowning:
its isant help me

Can you tell me how it isn’t helping you? What is happening that is “bad”?

i do all the things i can do. but still… its a no good firewall (on my router)

You probably have to live with the router you have (until you buy a new one).
If you really feel like the included firewall in the router sucks then you probably have to BUY a new one, If you really feels that it would enchant your security so mouch that it’s worth the spending of new hardware, software.
Comodo is not intending to develop a firewall for routers. :-\

I may be wrong, you could post it on a wish list and maby comodo will develop one, or you ask melih, or some other guy with good insight in comodo.

Maby they are already developing a router firewall without telling anyone…
But I doubt it, sorry. :o

They might have told the mods. 88)

I too doubt that they will make a firewall for routers.

Nope, no such info available.