Hi how do I block certain member from PMing me?(Death threat in it)

His user name is Major-General Sir MoeE.Ron.

I don’t understand what he wrote but clearly he implicitly and explicitly threaten me(embolden).
I don’t know this guy.

First mail
Dear Michael:

In way I know what you are speaking of in your signature.
for years I have heard “you are crazy!! you are Crazy!!”
Yet when I try to draw disabliity,I am told I am the model of sanity!!
Thus,I suffer the stigma of metal illness without the" benifits" such as they are.
I know the reality of remote viewing. I also know to what ends the WEST will go to deny the source of their information.
If you have told anything that that touches your conscience,than repent.
They can kill your body,Brother,but they can not touch your soul.

Second mail
I do not know if my last message reached you. I thank in a small way I understand your signature line.
I certainly know the reality of Remote Viewing,and I pity you if you are such a viewer.
When you serve evil,it requires the price of evil.
If you know the information you have provided resulted in the loss of inocent life,repent.
If you feel you have done the right thing,wait on the judgment of GOD.
I also wait.

Third mail
you got it hossfly.they say those canes really hurt.
perhaps you will see.i

From the way he writes I have suspicion that he is from a certain country. This stupid guy is being so obvious.

Profile → Personal Message options → add him to the ignore list :slight_smile:


Okay thanks will do that. Off you go moron.

Please mind your words, thank you