hi,have a question,

suppose i installed a very old version of a programme(such as adobe reader,skype,firefox,icq or flashget…) on my computer without updating it to the latest version.but on the other side,i also don’t start the programme on my computer when i connect to the internet.so in this condition,is my computer safe when i were online?

It’s best to have everything up to date. As some malware will exploit only specific programs. But as long as you have CIS you should be fine ;D

but the problem is that i don’t have the time to check every software on my computer wether they are up to date,is there a easy way to do that?

The same goes for many users. It’s advisable but not always possible. Few programs such as Secunia PSI, CNET TechTracker can check for the updates but they are not so reliable in my view.

Final point: Don’t worry about this old version esp if you have CIS protection it will detect if the exploit attack this program.


What kind of unsafe activities are your concerned about? What is safe?

If you are using Win7, you could utilize the built-in Windows Firewall using TinyWall to help easily configure it appropriately based on your intended use of the PC / software.