hi,have a question,

i know it would usually creat a lot of alerts if i try to install a new software on my pc with defence+ were setting on clean pc mode.so i set up a new folder,and added this folder(with “include files from subfolders too” ticked) to trusted files.then i downloaded the latest version of adobe flashplayer installer(for ie) into this folder,and ran the installer.however,it still created defence+ alerts during the process of installing.so what’s woung with it?i can not understand why running a trusted file would still creat defence+ alerts?

Trusted applications cannot launch other applications without a request pop up, System applications can. The installer exe likely calls another exe and that’s why your getting pop ups.

I get usually 2 questions per installation.
Explorer exe tries to run something. OK.
This file wants to… OK, treat as installer or updater.
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In contrast to your wondering, its perfectly fine that new files in a trusted folder are not trusted. You did not give your consent.