Hi from ex-employee of Comodo

Heya Melih

Oooh nice to see you doing so well (apart from Friday’s Trust Logo debacle).
I guess things have come on a bit from the days when I used to work for Comodo. I guess now I wouldn’t have to smack my el-cheapo development PC upside its head to get it working every morning. I’d sort of miss watching the rats playing in the car park of a lunchtime though :slight_smile: I see you’ve also wrested comodo.com away from the condom vendor, well done :slight_smile:
Say hi to Stewart, Shaq, Tim and Aidan for me if they’re still there.

Non of the above are still here, but I remember them well :slight_smile:

Who are you?

My best guess is that you are Richard. :slight_smile:

Hope you are keeping well.


Hi… ??? (do tell us):slight_smile:

It was the good old days :slight_smile:
that’s how it all started… from an old building in Bradford, UK… with limited resources, but we had the will power to make it happen… and here we are :slight_smile:

nice hearing from you …


It IS Rischard!!!


That’s him on the left with the tie-dyed blue and white t-shirt.



'tis me indeed. Funky tee and all :wink: I’ve moved on to video game programming just lately but I still have an interest in crypto.
Anyways, wish you all the best Melih and Shane. Good luck!

Hi Richard…

Nice to hear from you :slight_smile:
Enjoy the gaming industry…

All the best…