hi firewall not working

hi (:AGY)

I started my pc today and firewall has not loaded properly the application monitor and component monitor, application behaviour anaylis are all red and off i have tried switching them on but cannot i have windows 2000, comodo version 2.4, avast, spyware terminator,
What can i do?


can someone respond to my question as im not sure what to do?

Sorry for the delay in responding. There’s been a great focus on the new v3 these days that’s keeping folks very busy.

What you’re describing sounds like there might be a registry problem. At worst, you could uninstall and then reinstall CFP just to make sure everything is reset to a known working condition. Then, use the backup script that is posted in one of the sticky topics at the top of the forum page to make a backup copy of your CFP registry settings.

Why there would be a registry problem is a good question. I’d guess that some other application either recently got installed, or uninstalled, and somehow changed something that wasn’t supposed to be changed.