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Just installed 7 on my test machine, and have slight issue.

When main window is open cis.exe process has higher CPU use on Tile Theme and Modern Theme, compared to Classic Theme while advanced view is enabled.
Classic Theme runs at about 20% others max out CPU. While it’s ancient processor 1.3 GHz Duron I wonder if it is noticeable on more modern machines.

Hi Tachimoochie,
Nothing like that here, 0 to 2% with any theme and Dragon open.
I will boot up the older system and check how that reacts and post back.

Edit: Pentium D 3.4GHz with advance view selected. Classic 7% CPU. Modern 15% CPU. Tile 17% CPU. I would imagine graphic capabilities to be a lot to do with the differences.
Edit2: My results on my core 2 duo E6300 1.86GHz system are very similar to the Pentium D system.
Edit3 Pentium4 - 2.40GHz XP SP3. Classic 23-25% CPU. Modern and Tile 100% CPU. The CPU is maxed out with the Modern and Tile themes to a point that it is a struggle to re-open the advanced settings to change it back. Admittedly this system is very old and undernourished. ;)

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Thanks for taking time to check. Yes, you might be right about it being graphics card performance related.

You are welcome, if I get a chance I will try the other systems tomorrow.

Well so far I love the hew v7, and I know more thing will be added in futures, but one thing isn’t change in this version, av performance(is still a killer when you open a folder with many shortcuts), and the Title/ Modern themes are terrible slow on opening(until everything appear, including “Internet Security tittle” and the green rectangle “Secure”). So IMHO again there’s still room for performance improvements.

I suspect it’s down to your system now. CIS 7 is flying here at crazy speed compared to CIS 6.

Well done!
CFW - laptop.
HIPS disabled.
Web filtering disabled.
Viruscope disabled.

I see similar results on my netbook which runs on an Intel Atom with 945 chipset. This did not happen with v6. I am running Windows 8.1 with a clean installation (I did not check if the ProgramData folders were removed… :-\ )
With the main screen open:
Classic theme cis.exe uses 9%
Tile theme cis.exe uses 41-50%
Modern theme cis.exe uses 41-50%

Minimizing does not change the behaviour. Only closing the screen does.

Are there any more people with under powered hardware that are witnessing unusual high amounts of CPU usage when the main screen is open?

+1 here.

AMD Athlon 2 x2 250
4Gb DDR3 ram
AMD Radeon HD 4350 512mb DDR2 64bit
HD 500Gb

CPU usage in themes:
classic: 12%
tile: 50 - 68%
modern: (strange) sometimes 50 - 68% and sometimes freaking “10 - 25%”.

Back to 5.12 :frowning:

but I have to say that I really liked the cis 7. if comodo only fixes the cpu thing… that will be great to run it on my machine.

BTw, I performed an full unninstallation of previous cis, runned ccleaner, removed temp files, comodo folders and residues, performed 2 reboots and another reg clean just in case. Now I did the same steps to stay on cis 5.12 back again. all running fine with the old-gold cis 5.12.

Please report any resource issues you encounter as bugs. That way they can be fixed.


Sorry Chiron but Ill not report it. Explained in an pm.

I have edited my reply here to show my results, I have one more system to check which is an older Pentium 4.

There are some extraordinary high figures coming out just for having a GUI open. :o
Edit: Corrected the posted link due to the topic split.

My thoughts exactly. Something is up when using under powered hardware.

"Advanced HIPS Settings

Enable adaptive mode under low system resources - Very rarely (and only in a heavily loaded system), low memory conditions might cause certain CIS functions to fail. With this option enabled, CIS will attempt to locate and utilize memory using adaptive techniques so that it can complete its pending tasks. However, the cost of enabling this option may be reduced performance in even lightly loaded systems (Default = Disabled)."

Why is it enabled by default now?
Also the name adaptive mode for low system resources contradicts the fact, that it may decrease performance.

Hi Eric,
I edited my reply here to keep all my results in one place.

Under nourished systems are definitely struggling with the new V7 GUI. :frowning:
Edit: A bug report has now been created in the tracker in regards to this issue.
Edit2: Corrected the posted link due to the topic split.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Are you using the advanced GUI?

I’m just guessing but I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the main GUI refresh bugs have been noted as fixed recently.

Comodo could instead provide an option for more frequent refresh, or a refresh button …

Also if it is not that they could provide a simple Windows theme, like in 5.x. That had a big performance effect.

Meanwhile people with low-powered machines could stick to standard rather than advanced interface and classic theme.

Best wishes


It gives higher security by making CIS fight for resources at the expense of the rest of the machine. I agree the wording could be better.

Whether you disable this on lower powered machines is a personal judgement - performance vs security.

Best wishes


Well CIS 6 has auto-updating values too, and so does the standard interface in CIS 7 so my guess is that rather than an issue with the actual auto-updating, it could be an issue with the implementation (if there is an issue with it at all, I’ve only seen numbers on the themes but not for the standard vs advanced view)

Hi Mike,
Yes 'Advanced view in all cases just for testing purposes.
Note: This appears to be the way the GUI value update checking process functions with certain themes causing the issue (Not the GUI by itself), because even when the values are not changing the CPU remains high. :-
Edit: Or some relation between certain themes and the advanced view.

Hi Sanya,
The high CPU issue only happens with the advanced view.
Using the compact view the CPU drops dramatically (Near 0-1% regardless of the theme) on all of my systems that have the issue at least.

OK seems to me it’s about the amount of work needed to refresh the data, and screen obects in the different themes. More data in advanced view :slight_smile: