HI all i wanted to know how to turn on sharing if i want to?

OK all how would i turn on sharing at a later date in comodo if i wanted to. and is there a risk to this at all? thanks god bless.

Depends on what you wanna share, windows file sharing ?, other file sharing apps like emule, xTorrent etc ?
Do you wanna share with the rest of the world or just on you local network at home/work ?
What version of Windows are you running ?

windows xp pro i wanted to know how to turn on that option that you get when you create a new trusted network. if i ever wanted to. and would there be any risk to this at all you know the option i speak of the one you can put a check in when comodo first detects your network. I did not do that but if i ever wanted to how would i go about doing this. (V)

Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard/Next/Check ->“I would like to define and trust a new network zone”/Put in the starting and ending IP or Mask/Finish.
This will create 2 new application rules under “System” and 2 Global rules,pics below


ps How did the reinstall go :-TU or :-TD

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Thanks Matty the reinstall went well. thanks for info now if i ever want to turn it on i now how :slight_smile: is there any risk to sharing dose it open your system up to more vulnerability on the net?

still awaiting a answer if there is a risk to sharing my two computers with one another with comodo trusting both computers.

Well if one of those computers were infected then I think it could possibly be dangerous then…

no infection on ether computers :slight_smile: btw i was referring to the connection set that you do when you first define a trusted network. were you can set comodo to trust your network for sharing purposes is this safe to do? and also what is stealth port wizard?

so is this safe to set comodo to trust my other machines on the network for sharing purposes?

I would suggest, only to allow it when you actually use it.
In the case an other PC catches a network spreading worm then you are firewalled instead of possibly infected :wink:

that’s a good point did not think of that how would i turn this feature on and off?

Turning this of as in disabling windows file and printer sharing ?
If you pc or laptop does not function as a file or printer server my suggestion would be:

Network Icon, Right mouse Properties;
Select your network adapter(s), Right mouse Properties;

Deselect “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks”. [Apply] or [OK]

Select Properties again, look for TCP/IP, Select Properties, Click on the [Advanced] button.
Select the Tab WINS, Under Netbios settings select “Disable Netbios over TCP/IP”.

thanks ronny i have one more question can i setup comodo for sharing then turn the stuff of in windows?

You can but that wouldn’t make sense, you would open your firewall for something that is no longer there…
You only have to open sharing on the machine that has the shares and/or printer(s).
And keep in mind in which direction the connection is setup up.

On you PC that connects to a share you only have to allow outgoing traffic, you can block all incoming (Stealth option 2 or 3).

On a PC that “hosts” the shares or printer you have to allow incoming traffic to allow the other PC’s to access the share or printer. (For windows this is TCP 139 or 445). those are the ports used if you do a “map network drive”.
Depending on the OS version.

thanks i get it now thank you again :slight_smile:

No problem