hi all (a newbie here )

guys! Hi, dont know where to wright ,so here goes,I just got cocmodo into my computer and i got me a PROBLEM WITCH I DID NOT HAVE ,I am a World of Warcraft Fan ,and the issue here is that while comodo is active i cant log into game ,but when i dissable it i can play WOW whats the problem :frowning:

You need to post your problem at this link… https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis-b135.0/

I have sent you a PM how you solve this problem. You will see that you have new message.

Valentin N

Please don’t send solutions in pm’s. Nobody is learning from this.

How did you disable CIS?

Hello KongGreek;

Could you please show us a screenshot of your Defense+ events (CIS > defense+ > defense+ events)

Also I’m guessing; Could you try activating ‘training mode’ then launch WOW, and once to the main menu exit, then switch back to ‘clean pc mode or safe mode’ (Right click CIS Icon on the Notification Area > Defense+ Security Level > Safe Mode / Clean PC Mode

Do you receive any alerts of any kind?


I am sorry.

I told him to added it in the exclusion of detect shellcode injection.

Valentin N