Hey this is a great free product

Okay, first off, I hate smileys/emoticons, just had to get that out there since I’m looking at a menagerie of 'em in this message creation window. But hey, this Comodo firewall is impressive - I downloaded it from Cnet Download.com. It’s a spot-on combination of being powerful and easy to use & set up. Good job. I also love the “paranoid mode” setting in the Defense + sub-menu of the tray icon context menu. Welcome to my world - excuse me while I adjust my metal collander headgear, the greys are trying to scan my brain waves again. Alien bastards. They own Microsoft and Wal-Mart, you know. Anywho… it’s also really cool watching the Defense + popups when I open different apps while CFP is in learning mode - it’s interesting to see what programs are actually doing when you open and run them.

When we watched Superman as a kids (and even now :slight_smile: ) we all wanted his X-ray vision!!!

Well now you have it its Comodo V3 with A-VSMART technology! :slight_smile:


I think alot of us would agree CFP 3.0 is a powerful and impressive firewall (V)

I too liked how Defense+ pop ups window running on the right of the taskbar whenever it was monitoring something and learning.

only issue for some of us is that currently CFP 3.0 doesn’t work right for us and causes System instablities and problems and no one wants their PC crashing cos of something.

CFP 3.0 is defintely an impressive firewall though and I really hope it matures quickly and becomes a stable working software that I can try again.

previous past softwares I can remmeber using were, Zone Alarm the free version was the first firewall I ever came across and tried back when I first got on the net in 2000, then I can’t remember what all firewalls I tried, I think sygate free one was another, then I came across Lockdown firewall and it impressed me it was a choice between Blackice or lockdown for me both were the top firewalls back then and Lockdown won it for me. I purchased that one and I felt quite secure and i loved that I could look up any connection with it and anyone malicious like a script kiddy hacker if they tried hacking me I could just nuke them since my firewall would report what their IP is hehe ;D

then Lockdown upgraded to Lockdown Millenium and it proved to be even better I would have to say blackice had nothing on it. but unfortunately in 2002 Lockdown company stopped being in the firewall business and my firewall became old and no longer was supported :cry:
I guess i should have gone for blackice back then since it lasted longer lol.

but i must say in the present age, I have not seen one firewall as impressive as Comodo’s CFP 3 and even better CFP 3 is free

i so hope CFP 3.0 gets its act together quickly, because I would like to have it as my firewall