Hey is there a linux comodo firewall..?

I’m just wondering if there is a linux version of comodo…? (:WIN)

And if so , Where…?


Try http://www.trustix.org

Is that a regular firewall…?

Will it run in ubuntu linux…?? Desktop environment… (:WIN)

it comes as an ISO with trustix OS.
so all u need is hardware… and install this and that h/w becomes a firewall appliance.

I would like to add my weight to this topic.

With Vista coming out, many people are turning to Linux, I am one of them.
Microsoft are losing millions of former customers, this is the biggest commercial blunder in history.

So Melih? what are the plans for Comodos future?
What are your plans, when people desert MS in droves?

Microsoft is dying a slow death, Vista is a BIG mistake, WGA was it’s death warrant.

The future lies elswhere, so where are you going?

All my systems are being converted to Linux, all my clients are being advised the same.

The world is changing, where are you?

Hey Cliff,

The four posts immediately prior to your one seem to answer the question. :wink:

Trustix rocks!

ewen :slight_smile:

Ubuntu already has a firewall builtin, called ip tables as do a lot of other distros.You can install a gui frontend such as firestarter to configure it. :slight_smile:

I knew that , But that wasn’t the question… (:CLP)

I'm just wondering if there is a linux version of comodo...?

ok. excuse me. (:WAV)

Sooner or later i’ll migrate to a linux distro too. Unless Vista is so cheap in 2-3 years that i consider it. Or it comes with a new pc…

But, i’m a zero at linux so far. One question: trustix is an OS :o? So if i want something other than ip tables, in don’t have an alternative? Or is it that all Linux distros have ip tables, and there’s choice for the GUI? ???

Also, if you can, gimme a link for linux newcomers. 1 light, and one more thorough.

Hi , I’m no expert either at linux.I do have ubuntu 6.06 installed on an old computer.Most linux distros have iptables which by default is similar to windows xp firewall (inbound ).The gui can depend on which desktop package you use ,gnome,kde ect.
If you have hi speed internet why not download ubuntu and burn to cd a copy (nearly 700MB) and try it as a live cd to see if you like linux.
http://distrowatch.com/ this link can be helpful.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply. I have tried Ubuntu 6.06 and others, even OpenBSD. VMware allows me that. But it is chinese sometimes.
So what’s Trustix? An OS or firewall? If FW, do i uninstall ip tables and install Trustix (or is it like Firestarter, just GUI)?
And outbound firewall, somehow it’s of no interest in Linux? :o

Trustix firewall has a WYSIWIG GUI and a full blown firewall.
u get the ISO and install it on a PC. voila. you got an enterprise quality firewall with easy to manage interface!


Ah, a straight answer. Thanks Melih :slight_smile:
So it has another name just because it’s for Linux?

Also Trustix is a Linux Distro (that we own)…
and the Firewall is based on that distro…


A suggestion: make a VM appliance and share it here - http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/appliances/
Don’t ask me how it’s done (the sharing) but if you’d build one, i’d try it ::slight_smile:

Your excused… :THNK