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How Do I Block 443 Port Completely?

I have Created a Rule but Still Some REmote Port Is connection to my IP Ports!!


why i want to block port 443 is coz of this ip in remote port goes to msn microsoft when i whois this ip but i have not opened any micrsoft site in ie and some time the remorte port was from paypal.com although i was not @ paypal.com !

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Hi SCRaid. I think IE7 is certified by CFP, so unless you uncheck that option (Do not show alerts certified by…) and/or create an Application Monitor rule to block IE7 using that port, it won’t work.

Hey thanks for the reply

1 more question for the comodo creator/programmers

Is there a way to block internet or limit the program to use this much of packets if it exceeds the limit block the program for 1 min or so?

This is becoz when i am in game i use remember this program and connect but i get a lot of packets from unknown IP and i think this game not uses more than 100/200 k per sec?