Hey everybody I'm back

My great time in university with Linux is over :’(
The university has updated to the new Wifi cards with no Linux support.
I am not digging again to disassemble the damn drive and recompile it argh >:(
So I am back on the Windows I hate so much and all the viruses on it.
So I think I will get back here and live with you guys ;D :smiley:

huh ??? do we know you ??? 88)

welcome back then.have a nice BSOD (:HUG)

Welcome back (I apologize but I do not remember you) then again I can’t remember crap… enjoy Comodo Firewall and what’s left of BOClean :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course we know Android2007…
Here is one of his famous posts:

Don’t tell me none of you read that… (:KWL) :smiley: :wink:

Welcome back to the forum! :Beer

Can’t you buy your own wifi card and connect it to your USB port??

Anyway, Welcome back to the hood :Beer

It seems you missed some updates, the android 2009 version is out already :wink:

Nice to see you back, and nice to know that you can have some virusses now also :P.