Heuristics = False Positves

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Okay a bit annoyed all the way till the last software update CIS was doing fine now all of a sudden the heuristics is picking up a lot of FP’s. Heres my log.

If there is any way to fix this besides turning hueristics off let me know please!

How are you heuristics set? Default is low. Putting it higher will make it chatty.

When you feel like it we would appreciate it very much if you would submit the false positives using How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them .

Okay… Note… It is on low… The heuristics is a POC right now. It has two major issues it picks anything up as unknowns or suspicious. Sorry If I wanted that I would use symantec. I was wondering besides turning it off. Is there anyway to help prevent false positives besides submitting and having to quarentine every file and submit. Seems like a waste of time personally.

So far the only reason I continue to use CIS is for its Firewall + Defense+.

So Please tell me if there is a simpler way to fix this heuristics β– β– β– β– .

There are two ways to go for the moment. Disable it or wait for a next version and see if it gets fixed. That’s all I can offer right now.