Heuristics detected MyDefrag.exe (False Positive) - How do I get it back

On the “View Antivirus Events”, there is an entry :-

   ..... MyDefrag.exe       Heur.Suspicious[at]61623097   Detect ..... Success 

MyDefrag is definitely not a Virus, but it cannot be run. What do I do in CIS to restore the programme.

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site : http://www.mydefrag.com/

Hi graham,

Normally default settings prompt you for action, it won’t delete by default, so if you start it it should alert then you can chose to add it to the exclusion list so it won’t alert for it again.


We will check if what you reported is malware or just false positive.

Erik M.


This FP has been fixed. Please check in virus signature latest database.

Erik M.

It seems to be working fine today. Thanks for your help.