heuristic scanning will impact PC performance

Hey everyone!

I have a question about the heuristic scanning settings. If I select High of heuristic scanning setting will comodo AV affect my pc performance more than the heuristic scanning setting in Low (Default) dose? I already know that disable heuristic scanning can lighten the AV’s impact that PC can work faster than before.
Because of the low Bandwidth of my Internet connection I am curious about the AV impact on Web surfing.


Hi av2000,
The systems overall performance would not be effected, but it will increase the chances of more False Positives.
Real Time Scanning Settings

Thank you captainsticks.
In my view,if no more impact on performance, it is worth to set it to a higher level. After all, to do this can gain more security for our computer :-TU

You are welcome, if you find you are getting to many FPs you can always drop it down.
I run mine on high without FPs being an issue, but this might vary for some.