Heuristic enhancements

1. What actually happened or you saw:
If they have been infected by malware, for example. CIS remove the infected file, traces of the application is still not a system in the form of “junk” and sometimes slowing down the system (unfortunately or fortunately is not a CIS exclusivity)
2. What you wanted to happen or see:
One way the antivirus engine identifies from infection to local and changes caused by malware or PUA and undo changes

[b]3. Why you think it is desirable:[/b
As stated above, malicious files are identified by antivirus engines and their malicious changes remain. The user before knowing the antivirus comodo, for example, was infected by an advanced trojan or keyloggers disable windows services, access to system applications and would be happier to have your machine clean and fully functional.

4. Any other information:
Install the file on a clean system and install the CIS and see what the file does.

Hi liosant,

Please create a video.