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Sorry for my english…

today Comodo finds the 2 problems attached: what shall I do?

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From what I can find, winmx353.exe is the installer for WinMX 3.53. Do you use it? If yes, it’s nothing to worry about. If no, it might be an actual malware. MSCONFIG.EX_ is a compressed version of msconfig.exe, which is a Windows file. The folder I386 holds the files used to install, repair, modify, update and rebuild Windows. If you believe that those two files are safe, please report them as false positives. Please see this topic for how to report a false positive:

I don’t really know if they are safe…there isn’t any problem with the computer, :-\ but i don’t use winmx…i don’t know when I use it the last time!! years ago!

so, have I to ignor them? have I to report them as suspicious or as FP? if the second, shall I follow both the 2 ways?? ???some information (the 2 way in particular) are too technical for me…

You should report them as FP.

The winmx FP is for a suspected packer; I am not sure if they will change that.

The other one is more than likely for a windows system file. Zip the two files and send them as described in the “How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them” guide.