I have a problem with Heur.Suspicous@20739726. When i put on my flash drive (type: pqi U339 pro) there are always two icons of this flash. First is with most of memory and the second has 10 MB and on it are two files: one txt (open in note) Autoran and second USBN. Both are only for read type files. When i open the windows window with all hd comodo automatically give me a message that he find threat :
name: Heur.Suspicous@20739726
location: I:\USBNB.exe
and after delete he want to restart pc to finish operation.
The problem is in that he always see that heru even after restart computer.
What should i do?
I would like to say also that i can’t make a format of this smaller flash drive because he is protect from writing. Can only format this biggest, but whit it is no problems. On website flash drive producer I wrote to use antyvirus and format the flash what i did but as i sad i can format only this biggest. The flash doesn’t have switch on position to prevent the write so left only system problem and of course i did full system scan and comodo didn’t find nothing.
Thank you for any help and sorry for English.

Hello Quercus,

This is a False Positive detection. A fix for this will be released soon, but until that moment, you can safely add the application to your “Exclusions” list.

Best regards,

Hi Quercus,
This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 7141.
Thanks and Regards,
Lin mengze