Heur.Suspicious issue


Been using Comdo for a while now and this is the first time I’ve ever ran upon an issue like this and would like some assistance from everyone regarding it if I could please.

I bought one of those MagicJack’s a few weeks ago and it was working flawless until just today. I noticed today when I plugged it in that I received this messege Heur.Suspicious nag, casuing my firewall/antivirus to go off. So I contacted MagicJack and inquired about this issue and they told me this sometimes happens after they upgrade their product. However, I also know enough to know that these Heur type issues should be checked out just in case their is something wrong. So with that being said, I would appreciate a little assistance if I could please.

Thanks in advance

I’ve been fighting this for a week. Comodo finds Heur.suspicious in my QuickBooks updates that I downloaded from Intuit. Comodo has NO information anywhere on this, QuickBooks says they don’t have a problem and after reformatting my hard drive and re-installing everything 4 times in 7 days, I’m tired of messing with Comodo so I’m going to start using another firewall/anti-virus product.

Without Comodo installed QuickBooks works fine.

It’s free, but Comodo should consider this: why would I pay for any of your software when it seems you’ve had this Heur “false positive” issue for several months? ( according to the threads here)