Heur.Suspicious in System Volume Information Restore

Hi there,

the Comodo Antivirus has found a lot of Heur.Suspicious in my System Volume Informatioon Restore subfolders
2 times Heur.Suspicious@22129243
2 times Heur.Suspicious@24561646
1 time Heur.Suspicious@73993467
1 time Heur.Suspicious@36588907
and also 2 times in word pad
Heur.Suspicious@22129243 in dir\wordpad.exe and the same in system32\config…wordpad.exe

Now i dont know what i should do - shall i delete them or are they harmless?

Hi finn187,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you shortly.



Hi, finn187

The mentioned false-positives were fixed with DB 2838.