I Got a virus called heur.suspicious[at]19769292 on my computer. i Googled on it, but i got no results. Does anybody know what this virus does to my computer? ??? I really want to know. Maybe this is not the right place to write this topic on, but i dont know where i should place it.


Hi Santon

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The name of the detection says nothing except that in this case it was most likely suspected by Heuristics part of AV (because of the “heur.” prefix)

In addition that could be False Positive detection.

Submit the flagged item for analysis to Comodo developers in the first place.

Please read this thread
about the procedure

My regards

p.s. if you system is misbehaving then describe that and you will be advised about required steps.

Well, Comodo have removed the virus now, so it’s OK. ;D Comodo is the best Antivirus program ever!
Before i installed Comodo i got AVG Antivirus Free, and Comodo is much better!


Just to be sure… Im moving it over to the FP board.