I keeping getting warning popups for huer.suspicious@19391414 & huer.suspicious@23759473. This is a new computer & I immediately installed Comodo. How do I know if these are real or a false positive?

Hey mmcintosh,

Can you give more details like on what files the alert is flagged. Do these files belong to a particular product.

Maybe post your AV log.

Also, you can check the files on www.virustotal.com to confirm if they are actually malicious or safe.

Hi mmcintosh,

Reported FPs are fixed in DB 1433.Please update and confirm.


I also keep getting one for heur.suspicous@19641094 c:\swsetup\drivers\chipset\winvista32\ethernet\nvurm.exe

Here is my log:

Heur.Suspicious@19391414 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\synpd_E9A0B11BB464121CCC8BDDB3AB3F96B7F9C0A691\InstNT.exe
Heur.Suspicious@19391414 C:\ACER\Preload\Autorun\DRV\Synaptics Touchpad\WinWDF\x86\InstNT.exe
Heur.Suspicious@19391414 C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\InstNT.exe
Unclassified Malware@8342510 C:\System Volume Information_restore{EECCC067-5764-4761-8178-47FA5F6368E3}\RP8\A0004526.exe

I actually have a much longer list but this is what was in the quarantine txt file that I could copy & paste.

Vaishnavik: Unfortunately, I don’t know where or what DB 1433 is. I checked to make sure I had the latest updates & am current.

I appreciate any assistance.

Hi cropduster,

The mentioned FPs will be fixed in next few updates.

Note: Its good to have latest update in your CIS 3.9. Any way, version of virus DB can be found by selecting Miscellaneous → About in CIS Main window.

-Chandra Mohan


The mentioned FPs have been fixed in DB 1469.

-Chandra Mohan