I am getting a lot of these


What am I supposed to do here?


Hi sanashams,

We will verify this and get back to you after reaching a conclusion.



You can also submit them here:
and if they are false positives they will usually be fixed within a few hours. They will also send you an email.

Hi sanashams,

Please be advised that reported file is a malware application. Use the option to remove the file within CIS warning window to clean your system.


Hi i have a problem with the korg kontrol usb midi driver i download from korg page. comodo free antivirus says Heur.suspicious@86891445. is it a virus?

Hi klopfa,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 3336.

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I get Heur.Suspcious@88681905 ??? all the time. 30 or 40 times in a couple hours when connected to the net.
before it was heur.packed. something i dont remember. it creates or is involved with the svchost.exe.
i think it creates multiple copies, in your windows temp folder and takes up lots of internet bandwith or connection speed.

And occasionally but not so often (this has been an ongoing battle for like two weeks now) popups of this Trojware.Win32.TrojanDownloader.Swizzor.Gen@87251472

ive purged my system with many different spywares, specifically malware malbytes who got rid of a lot, and cccleaner to clean up and using windows defender and comodo ALL in safe mode and…
this heur virus/trojan keeps coming back . I believe this heur virus is possibly connected to either of these virus/trojan/worms based on my internet research:

win32/dh.1 virus or

also, this heur virus, when all remnants are removed, still resides somewhere else in the computer and revives itself upon every restart. i dont think its just in the svc host.

any feedback, info on the subject would help.

and something else i was thinking. this heur virus and its slight variations of numbers which are net ports maybe, i dont know? anyways…
this virus is embedding itself in many otherwise safe applications common applications so its not coming from them. this is deeper and this arent false positives i believe so much as just trimming the tips of this virus leaving strong roots hidden in the computer. or some more serious malicious virus.

look on the net of some of the complaints of the variations of heur.packed.unknown or huer.suspicious@#########. they’re all mentioning different programs.

also i dont know if this is connected as well but there is a whole new window of firefox that pops up and displays some weird encrypted type heading with four tabs open, and the first three tabs in the address bar of mozilla say a pathname c:\program files\mozilla and then some computer jargon. the fourth tab is complete computer jargon in the address bar
and this problem only happens once in a a couple hours of internet being on.
always a brand new mozilla firefox windows opens with three tabs the same, and the fourth tab slightly different.
this just started happening yesterday or something

Feedback? help? ???

Hi solbuck,

Thanks for ur report.
But I can’t get which are FPs u mean.If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:http://internetsecurity.comodo.com/submit.php.Then we can go to have a look at it.

Thanks and Regards,

In the meantime I’d scan your computer with Hitman Pro:

It has an outstanding detection rate.


I had the exact same issue. I got these prompting nearly every 2 minutes, but this program, that Chiron494 (Thank you very much!!!) suggested, found a Rootkit in a Windows folder (nv**.sys or somethin), I deleted it and it looks like that it solved my problem. At least it didn’t prompted me since I restarted my computer. This software is the blessing of God! I tested my computer with three different antiviruses, anti-malwares and spywares, and they found nothing!