Heur.Suspicious@19821753 for Essential PIM uninstaller


I have used CIS for a month and few days ago after upgrade to CIS 3.9 from previous 3.8 and run a through scan, it is reported that my Essential PIM email client uninstaller (uninstall.exe) infected by Heur.Suspicious@19821753. I have 2 questions about it :-

  1. where can I know what is the infection about ? (like brief info of this virus/malware)
  2. I scan it with SUPERAntispyware, Malwarebytes and BitDefender Free and they all not reported it as an infection. Could it be false positive ?

Thanks in advance.


It seems you are reporting a false positive in CIS.
But that will be considered only you follow the procedure given in folloowing link:

Either Submit the FP in following linlk:

OR Use Comodo’s latest website to submit FPs

I think the web site procedure is very easy…


You can upload the file to Comodo Instant Malware Analysis (CIMA): http://camas.comodo.com/ and see if the analysis brings you back a bit further.

When you post the FP as a topic following How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them then you will get a prompt reply when they read it and pretty soon it should be fixed. The FP guys recently made their process time faster.