Heur.Suspicious@106629940 found in Airlink101 WLAN ANIWZCS2.exe (wifi adapter)

so i just ran a full system scan and my wireless adapter .exe comes up as Heur.Suspicious@106629940.

whats this mean? does comodo just not know if this file is safe? or is it infected somehow? im not sure what to do. i could redownload the drivers/.exe and uninstall it and reinstall it i guess/…

just wondering if anyone knows what that virus report means…


Hi synikk,

Reported file is confirmed to be False Positive.Detection will be removed next few updates.
Thanks for reporting this.



This is to inform you that false-positive with
(SHA1: <48407645484F2AB5E01140E064895C5B5F65DCA1>)
has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <9549> of Comodo Internet Security Version<5.5.195786.1383> and confirm it.

Best regards