Frustrated! I have just bought second hand a game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. It is in it proper packaging, all the correct info is there, but after loading the software Comodo gave me a warning - .heur.suspicious@1. I can’t believe that the disks would incorporate such a thing as this. Is it a negative positive (if that is the right terminology?) Have you had this before? It is annoying, if I had downloaded from a dodgy site that was pirated I could believe it, but as it is I am looking at the packaging and it is all fine and looks legal. Is this a something which happened with disks and the virus software picks these up or is it serious and what I bought was a pirate copy? If so should I just chuck it in the bin. I use games to help me take my mind of my very severe pain as I live on over 250mg of morphine a day. Without gaming my life would be total hell, as money is tight I look for bargains as I can’t afford to pay full prices as I can’t work. The packaging had Original Ghost recon & Mission pack Desert siege Gold edition. How or what do I do here please as Comodo won’t let me go forward

Hi lightmuncher,

Please submit the file you mentioned as false-positive here: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis .
We will verify it and send you back the conclusion.

Thanks and regards,