Heur.PEBomb detected


I’ve been trying to download Comodo SecureEmail 32 bit version, but after I have clicked on the download link and the get the option to “save file” my Comodo AV detects and puts into quarantine Heur.PEBomb
and my browser Firefox freezes.

Any thoughts about what’s happening. It’s only happening when I try to download Comodo SecureEmail from the Comodo website!!

Thanks in advance


Are you downloading from this link?

What is your AV database number?
I can download and scan with Heuristics on high with no alerts.


Yes I’m downloading from that link.
Where do I find my AV Database number?



It’s 1154

What version of CIS are you on? Look at the same place as for the AV Database version.

I tried the download on CIS 3.9 RC2 (502) and didn’t get the file flagged with Heuristics set to high.

I’m running CIS Version 3.8.65951.477

Heuristics set to High

What is Heur.PEBomb?


Hi Tezzaa. I moved your topic to the False Positive/Negative reporting - (Is this a malware that CIS has/not detected?) board.

It is more than likely a false positive.

At the Comodo people at the False Positive/Negative board. How comes it is detected with 3.8 and not with 3.9?



I’m pretty sure they have made improvements to the heuristics in 3.9

I’m also sure that you will be safe to click Ignore permanently on the pop up if you downloaded the file from the link. Or turn down or off the heuristics till next week.

On coming tuesday 12 the 3.9 version should be going final and you will be able to automatically update your CIS installation, with many improvements.


OK thanks for the reply Eric :slight_smile:


I’ll download 3.9 on Tuesday.