Heur.Pck.MoleBox Alert when executing HP Driver installation

After upgrading to windows 7 I had to reinstall my HP Printer’s Drivers from the official Driver CD sent by Hewlett Packard. When putting the CD in, Comodo alerts with the message “Heur.Pck.MoleBox found”. It is a problem as I have to exit comodo to continue the installation - it doesn’t stop alerting even if I say “ignore” (tried all three different options)

I don’t really have to expect HP to send me a virus, do I?

My hunch is that it is a false positive. HP definitely wouldn’t send you a virus. During installation as the popups appear you can allow as trusted application

Most likely False Positive, use link above and choose the FP option and add the comments you wish to add about it, like you have done in this post.

Hope this helps… :wink: