CIS 4 Betaversion
AV DEFS 3672

Heur.Packed.Unknown@-1 C:\Users\Alexander Robrecht\Anwendungsdaten\Desktopicon\eBayShortcuts.exe

Heur.Packed.Unknown@-1 C:\Users\Alexander Robrecht\AppData\Roaming\Desktopicon\eBayShortcuts.exe

I send the files about your webformular to you

Hi Mops21,

We didn’t receive your files yet, but if it’s the very same file reported here, please be advised that it is not a false-positive.

Thanks and regards,

Here are the files to check

[attachment deleted by admin]

I got that flagged up as well, it’s got to be a FP in my opinon, downloaded from official Ebay site, although not used it.


These were confirm to be Clickers, therefore detection will not be removed.

If you intend to further use these files unconditionally, you can add them to exclusion list.


Oh really, was does ‘clickers’ mean? I’ll remove it all completely now, although not really used it.

Here are the results of virustotal