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Detected and safe


Hi Siketa,

The samples you submitted as false-positive is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <6.0.264710.2708> with database version <15799>. Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again.


It says:

CAV Verdict

What is that?
Correct the Valkyrie verdict then…

Try reanalyzing the file with valkyrie see if it still detects it

Few minutes ago…

[attachment deleted by admin]

weird there must be a lag with valkyries detections

Just want to mention. When you check file with Valkyrie let all static, dynamic & advanced heuristics complete the check coz final result at times changes i.e when you start Valkyrie check & static finds malware & final result says malware but after completion of all dynamic & advanced at times final result changes to normal. So to get proper result from Valkyrie let all static, dynamic & advanced complete the check.

True, but CAV verdict never changes.

I only meant about final result of Valkyrie.