heur.duel extensions

Hi there,

Since the 1st of Decmber, I have received an anti-virus alert about a heur.duel extension in my Google Toolbar every time I turn my computer on.

Can someone explain (in lay-mans terms!) what i should do?! I’ve seen other posts about these, suggesting they’re false positives but know nothing about computers and don’t understand!


Have you submitted the file to Comodo Malware Analysis? They will fix the false positive in the the database.

Although it does seem odd that the Google toolbar would have two extensions. I don’t use it. What is its name?

Windows allows the use of . in file names. So you can get a file with name like picture_of_ naked_girl.jpg.exe.

In the default settings Windows will hide the extension of known file types. As a consequence the user will only see picture_of_ naked_girl.jpg and think it is an image and may want to open it. However it is an .exe file and poof the user gets infected. That’s why it is suspect.

It is best to change that. Go to Control Panel → Folder Options → View → and untick “Hide extension for known file types”.