Heur.Dual.Extensions & Wubi (Ubuntu installer for Windows)


I wanted to install Kubuntu Linux operating system via the Wubi software, but Comodo Internet Security found a Heur.Dual.Extensions problem with pylxx.tmp.exe (where xx is an incrementing number, erevy time Wubi is launched).

Is it a false positive, please ? Or do I have a real problem ?
I saw on this forum that this may have been fixed.
I also add that I re-downloaded this program on the Wubi website, and the problem stayded.

OS: Windows XP SP3
File: C:\Documents and Settings[i]user[/i]\Local Settings\Temp\pylxx.tmp.exe

Thanks a lot,

Hi user-fr-24,

Dual extensions are usually used by malware to disguise as genuine files. There is generic detection where if file has more than one extension, it will be given verdict as Heur.Dual.Extensions. In case of Wubi software, Please ignore the detection by adding those files to your exclusion list.

-Chandra Mohan


Thanks a lot for your quick answer.