Heur.Corrupt.PE for an NVIDIA binary

Hello all.

I am running a scan with comodo and it has detected a DLL from NVIDIA Geforce Experience as ‘corrupt PE’


SHA-1 of file: A1CFA6C92D6BD5BD74217588ED2AC35367625E39

VirusTotal Report: VirusTotal

I will set it as False Alert after the scan…

But what does ‘corrupt PE’ mean? How can an exe have a corrupt PE and still be functional?
Or is there something else I am missing?

Thank you

Hi Coca
Either the file is corrupted during installation
Either it has been modified by a third party
Either a false alarm, here it is the case apparently

It means file is corrupted / damaged. If it’s not then you should report is as false-positive but it’s a rare case.