Heur.corrup.@-1 detect

i scanned my pc and it found this thing:
c:\system volume information_restore{89404414-8789-4386-8B62-09471E1AAF92}\RP96\A0023497.exe
malware name heur.corrup.PE@-1
action: detect status sucess!

any idea what should i do???

thank u in advance!

I searched for that a00…exe file so i could delete it but i couldnt find it anywhere!

Hello Crigito

Start > Programs > Acc > System Tools > System Restore > Create > “Name It Something You’ll Remember” > Create > Ok

Can you go to Start > Programs > Acc > System Tools > Disk Clean Up Right Click Run As Admin

More Options Tab >System Restore > Clean Up > Ok

(You won’t be able to find the file because C:\System Volume Information is typically locked)

This should remove all but recent restore points; thus the file should be gone

Did this help?


i raised the comodo defences and it says it removed em after a second scan i made! i ll make another one! if there ll be the same problems i ll follow your instructions! thank u mate!

Your Welcome :slight_smile:

Please Report Back If You have fixed your issue with CIS


How to open open System Restore folders.