Heur Cmd-Line Analysis Fails When Cmd-Line Contains Multiple Commands [M1020]


This is not fixed.

Configuration: Proactive Security
Win7x64SP1 (VMware), Admin, UAC is enabled

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Thanks i have updated the tracker.

Is this fixed in the latest release?

Not fixed in the CIS

I’ve updated tracker data.
Thank you.

These kind of bugs (security flaws) should receive a higher priority from the developers. Currently it depends on the people who reported it to keep coming to the forums and post replys in the topic saying “not fixed” and then the moderators updating the tracker data, only for a new CIS version to be released without the bug being fixed, and the person who reported the bug needs to come again to the topic and tell again that it’s not fixed, it’s like a never ending cycle IMO. Most people give up on it before the bug is fixed.

Should be fixed with latest CIS 10 please check and if not fixed make a reply here or PM a bug board moderator.