Hesitating : some questions


Hope this thread fits on the right category. It concerns ISP 2013 on Win 8

I use internet a lot for my Soho and tried numerous security suites (NIS, Bitdef, etc.) and recently tried Comodo Firewall with another antivirus. I’ve got loads of logins datas and things to protect (not Def Con 1 level, but important for my business). One of my site recently been hacked and it seems data on my PC were used for that. Don’t know. So I really need now a solid suite (and NIS or Bitdef seemed not to be enough)

I’m really tempted by ISP 2013 but read one thing about it about which for I need some infos (I know what’s written is not always driven by objectivity only especially in security review, but …)

So, is that right that some ISP 2013 services can be disabled by some more evoluate threat ?


What is ISP 2013? =S

I guess he means Internet Security Premium 2013, thats CISP 2013.

Yes, that’s it.

I use Comodo IS Complete 2013 but they are all very good. Other main one/which is very good is Kaspersky both can be configured to bullet proof your PC

CIS does a very good job of keeping unknown programs (possible malware) contained by its sandbox preventing malware to get a foot on shore.

You can follow Chiron’s guideline How to Install Comodo Firewall to set up CIS. It’s a comprehensive description.