Here's a stumper - Browser Problem [Closed]

I have an interesting problem. On my old XP desktop, I can connect with my email program (Windows Live Mail), but not with my browser. I’ve tried IE7, Firefox, and Opera, but they all say something like “Address Not Found”, or something like that.

I’ve checked Comodo Firewall Pro and disabled it, but none of the tests I have done worked.

I would love any help (this one has me stumped).


P.S. Please help
P.P.S Really will like help…

Could it be that Hotmail was just offline, I’ve eXPerienced it also sometimes lately…


Oops…I should have been more clear. I can’t to any website, so not just Hotmail. But, I know I have a internet connection because I can Send/Receive emails.

Well just a bit of time past, but I still feel like bumping… :P0l ;D

err maybe you have the “work offline” ticked ??? (file/workoffline)

Could be a DNS problem. Try pinging by IP address like from Google’s website:
Start > run > type cmd > ping

Then try again by typing ping If you receive replies on the second ping attempt, then it’s a DNS problem. You would need to contact your ISP.

I did that before, and it still didn’t work. (I tried it again, and still it’s messed up.)

And I wasn’t working offline.
So, who is stumped? I am for one.

What other security or utility programs?

CFP3; Spyware Doctor; Threatfire; A-squared anti-malware; WinPatrol.

Try Safe Mode with Networking under a different account (e.g. Administrator). That should narrow down the problem of security programs causing the problem or possible profile corruption.

Did that, still not working.

Okay, let’s cover the basics: what changes to the PC have you noticed just before the problem?

Ummm…None. Just happened suddenly.

A winsock reset should reset most of the networking settings back to the defaults:
start > run > netsh winsock reset > reboot

My other computer did have much space left, so it wasn’t enabled. :-[

I know you already disabled the firewall, but maybe you have something else (e.g. a router) blocking port 80 (http protocol)? try this: start > run > cmd >
telnet 80

If there’s nothing produced after running that command, then it’s not blocked.

It says " ‘telnet’ is not a recogized…command…" (It had some extra stuff but I didn’t want to type it all. That is basically what it meant).

Telnet should be built-in for XP … if it’s not there and you didn’t delete yourself, I would check to see if the PC isn’t infected with malware…Or ensure that the Telnet service isn’t disabled. Is this XP home or pro?

At this stage, I’m just playing the guessing game.

Oops…I was doing it on my Vista Home Premium computer. Um, right now my “messed up” XP computer is with a friend who is looking at. I sent this to him, and he said he did that. Nothing was produced.

You don’t have any other backup programs to travel back in time? Disk imaging?