Here is a couple of screenshots of Ant Download Manager in Comodo Internet Security Beta 2024

i did a quick scan with comodo after the scan it called it called it a threat its not the software is not digitally signed but not all software is & does not make it unsafe or a threat because it is not this has been a constaine thing with comodo ever since i used it i was hoping it this would finally get fix it comodo in this new version

I think it’s very simple to fix your concern as you can easily add it into the conclusion list of the antivirus module if you believe this application is safe. You even don’t need to create such a post for such a simple question.

One good thing you can help is report it as a false report in the correlated thread.

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i trusted the file it says so but when i go to scan it still has the same result as before

here are some screenshots is this a beta bug

@mrtrout You didn’t catch my point. You should add it into the scan exclusion, which has nothing to do with the file rating.

Hi mrtrout,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please share us the official download page of Ant Download manager ?
So that we will check in our end and update you.